Tour your future home
Transfer customers to your space from anywhere in the world
This is a new, unique for Ukraine, format of the virtual tour, which allows you to create the effect of full presence in space
The space is scanned by a 3D camera
Creating a virtual tour of your property
A package of complementary marketing tools is being developed
The technology replaces the obsolete 360 tours that most companies offer. Unlike a spherical photo, our virtual tour gives you the opportunity to look at the object from the side, feel the volume and scale of the room, place various labels with the description of the interior details or interesting objects, interactively work with the layout and volumetric image of the room.
Our advantages
There are no barriers to movement
New technology allows you to freely move in space, anywhere you want
Interior Detalization
Hi-Tech camera transfers the picture with maximum clarity and high quality
Access from any device
Adaptability of the tour allows you to view it from any device without loss of quality
Remote sale
The ability to visit your space from anywhere in the world increases the chances of choosing your property for clients from other cities and countries
Why do you need a virtual tour
The competitive advantage of your property
Remotely convincing a client to choose exactly your object is becoming increasingly difficult. A vivid virtual tour becomes a powerful argument, which may not fully tell, but show all the advantages, allows you to experience them on from anywhere in the world.
The level of trust in your properties
In our virtual tours there is no possibility of retouching and changes in the interior. This provides a high level of trust in the product, and therefore, your potential customers will be confident in the accuracy of the picture seen and will be able to easily make a decision remotely, from another city or country.
Time saving
You no longer need to spend your time showing an object, you can close the initial need to get acquainted with the object and make appointments only with the target consumer, who already has a complete vision of the space and is ready to make a deal.
Sales growth
A virtual tour allows you to speed up the selection process among many options and persuade customers to give preference to your particular object, since the first thing that people are guided by is the sensation and perception of the product.
24/7 availability
Even if your property is busy and is currently not available for viewing, you can easily continue to negotiate future periods with new customers thanks to a virtual tour. The client will be able to get a complete picture of the space: ceiling height, window size, view from the windows, furniture and interior. This will provide you with an uninterrupted process of work of the object and will protect against downtime of the property.
Simplicity and convenience
Ease of viewing from any device, quick tour loading, the ability to walk around, twist the object from all sides, see the full layout - this is a guarantee of receiving attention from your customers. No matter where they are, what they are doing, they can always easily go on your virtual tour without loss of quality, time and complex manipulations.
How it Works
Now you have the opportunity to take a virtual walk around the apartment, office or home, without leaving your computer or directly from your smartphone.
1. Request
You fill out the application form, providing your property details and contact information. Our manager will call you for confirmation.
2. Scanning
After confirmation, at the agreed time, our photographer comes to you for the property to scan. It will take 30-60 minutes, depending on the property size.
3. Result
After the scanning, you will see a new virtual tour in your personal account on the site. There you will be able to view it and edit property details.
Get a set of promotional materials when ordering
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Creating and hosting premium virtual tours for real estate.
2600 uah
up to 100 m²
From 2600 uah
+8 uah/m² over 100 m²