Our mission

To offer to the real estate market a qualitatively new level of technology for more exciting than ever before apartment viewing experience in a fully three-dimensional space. Let everyone take advantage of this technology, its capabilities and prospects.

We also want to simplify the process of finding apartments by people who want to buy or rent an apartment or house without being able to visit the property. And for sellers or landlords, increase successful leads and reduce personal real estate impressions through high-tech virtual tours.


We strive to develop professionalism and our capabilities on an ongoing basis to live up to our customers' expectations and give them what they expect and even more. It is important for us to see in everyone not just a regular client, but an individuality with unique desires.

Our company wants to make it easy and accessible to search and view real estate for potential buyers and tenants. We see the new real estate market as transparent and honest, and the search process easy and exciting.

Premium class Virtual Tours

3D Prostir provides its clients with a service for a spectacular presentation of real estate. Now you have the opportunity to take a virtual walk around the apartment, office or home, without leaving your computer or directly from your smartphone.

3D virtual tour allows you to view the interior, plunge into the atmosphere. Take a walk in your house or apartment, literally looking into every corner. Unlike classic virtual tours with spherical photos, you are not restrained by a small number of photos or what the photographer did not capture. With our technology, you have complete freedom of exploring the object.

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Our Contacts

+38 (050) 749 77 88 - Kyiv

+38 (050) 333 93 55 - Odesa